Bringing the Good News of Salvation to the Jews and Non-Jews

We are a Messianic synagogue comprised of both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), the Promised Redeemer of Israel MORE ABOUT USEVENTS

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September 7, 2019

What is happening in Lion of Judah?

Brian and Sue Samuel

Saturday, September 21st

Shabbat Service

Rabbi Brian and Sue Samuel
will be our guest ministers in worship and

Rabbi Brian will share a message

Prayer and Fasting

Wed, September 25th
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
at LOJ office

 Study / Prayer

Wed., September 25th
4 PM– 7 PM
at LOJ office

PBJ Night Schedule:

Wednesday, September 18
Wednesday, October 16

Holiday Schedule –

Yom Teruah/Rosh HaShanah

Monday, Sept. 30 – 10AM at YCC

Kol Nidre

Tuesday, Oct. 8 – 7PM at YCC

Yom Kippur

Wednesday, Oct. 9 – 10AM at YCC


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Holy Convocation/Fellowship dinner

Sunday, October 13 – 4PM – location TBA


Saturday, October 19 – 10AM at YCC

Holy Convocation/Dessert & Nosh

Sunday, Oct. 21 – 5PM – location TBA

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Shabbat Service begins at 10:00 AM. Our service begins with the reciting of the Sh’ma and V’ahavta followed by the commencement of our vocal and instrumental worship unto the L-rd.


Find out more about what we are doing in our Congregation. We serve our community in multiple ways. If you would like to know more, please click below or contact us.

Shabbath Services Location


Yardley Community Center
64 S Main St Yardley PA 19067.

Time: 10:00 AM