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Brief Summary of 1-4 Maccabees

Alexander the Great went to the ends of the earth and conquered the nations. On his deathbed he divided his kingdom among his officers. Each officer reigned over his individual territory. From them arose:

Antiochus Epiphanes
175 BCE
In those days there were lawbreakers in Israel who seduced many. They made an alliance with the Greeks. The King authorized them to introduce the way of the Greeks. Therefore they:
Abandoned the Covenant
Covered over their circumcision
Allied with the Greeks
Sold themselves to wrongdoing

After Antiochus was defeated in Egypt, he went to Israel enraged by his defeat and he invaded the Sanctuary, took away the golden altar, lampstand, offering table, cups, bowls, golden censers, crowns and golden ornaments. He took all the hidden treasures.


Candle Light Schedule

In the beginning the world was in darkness, G-D speaking,
the Spirit moving. Let there be light.
We remember the miracle, G-D’s wondrous act.

The temple in darkness, desecrated, defiled,
a small band of warriors, the victory won.
We remember the miracle, G-D’s wondrous act.