Do not fall for the trap of offense
August 10, 2019

Do not fall for the trap of offense

Passage: PSALM 119:165
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PSALM 119:165

I have great peace because I love Your law, and nothing shall offend me.

    1. I refuse to be trapped when the enemy’s bait of
      offense tries to ensnare me in its grip by filling my
      heart with bitterness, jealousy, or envy.
    2. I declare that in every area of my life I will allow the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaChodesh) to challenge me to live as a servant of all. I will seek the edification of others.
    3. Father, enlighten the eyes of my understanding that I may see my true condition and become free from any hidden offense that I may have been harboring. Free me from pride!
    4. I will not allow my foolish expectations of others to disappoint me and cause me offense.
    5. I will not allow my love for G-D to grow cold. I will overcome the offense of others by developing greater faith in the love of G-D.
    6. Through G-D’s power, I tear down any walls I have built to protect my heart from wounds. I pull down every stronghold that seeks to exalt itself against G-D’s Spirit at work, and I bring every thought into captivity that I may fully obey Messiah and reflect His character.