Shabbat Services

Shabbat Service begins at 10:30 AM on Saturday mornings. Our service begins with the reciting of the Sh’ma and V’ahavta followed by the commencement of our vocal and instrumental worship unto the L-rd. Citing the Scriptural example of King David, the priests and the Levites in ancient Israel, our worship portion includes Davidic dancing, singing, playing of instruments and in general, displaying all manner of adoration to our great King, Messiah Yeshua. All worshipers are welcome to join in the dancing. At the conclusion of our worship portion, the children are dismissed for Shabbat School and the service typically continues with some manner of exhortation from the Word. As with all of our corporate meetings, we welcome and surrender the control, direction and leading of the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit).

Shabbat Service Time & Location

Time: 10:30 AM


Yardley Community Center
64 S Main St Yardley PA 19067.

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