Praising G-D Seven Times a Day for Seven Days

5779/2019 Final Week of “fast” of Elul: Sundown Sunday, 9/22 through sundown Sunday, 9/29

Praise is a Response to God’s Revelation of Himself!

Every child of God should express praise. Human praise of a holy God is a major theme throughout God’s Word. Praise is expressing to God our appreciation and understanding of His worth. Praise says “thank you” for each aspect of God’s nature. Praise expands our awareness of God’s character. “Praise” comes from a Latin word meaning “value” or “prize.” When we praise God, we proclaim His merit or worth and His value to us here on earth. We find other words related to praise in the Bible, including “glory,” “blessing,” “thanksgiving” and “hallelujah.” These should all be ways we express our love for God.  The order of the Lord’s Prayer in Luke 11:2 is important, “Father . . . hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come.” First, Jesus praised God, and then He made His request. Praising God puts us in the right frame of mind to begin to declare our needs to a holy Father. With our hands outstretched we can worship God in such a way that our daily provision can be released. Through worship, we can be assured that our supply will always come to us in a timely manner. Praise and thanksgiving are the opposite of worry. One of our greatest worries is over our needs being met. This is a time to be thankful for all that God is doing in our lives. Be like the one leper who went back and thanked Jesus for his healing. This thankfulness produced not just healing, but wholeness. Be whole!There is also a price to pay to enter into praise and worship. There is a cost to this process, and we are faced with a fundamental issue: Will we choose to just enjoy the efforts of others, or will we enter into the sacrifice of praise in a personal way? Furthermore, will we choose to offer this sacrifice in the good times as well as the trials?  We must be willing to embrace these costs to experience the real fruit of our praise.
There is, perhaps, no stronger weapon of warfare than praise and worship to the Lord. Satan hates our worship to God for many reasons. For one, he is jealous of our worship. He longs to obtain it for himself through whatever means he can. For another, he knows that the weapon of worship is strong and effective. Consider the words of Psalm 149:5-9: “Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud on their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand, to execute vengeance on the nations, and punishments on the peoples; to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; to execute on them the written judgment—this honor have all His saints. Praise the LORD!”
Another important reason is explained by Cindy Jacobs: “When we praise God, He inhabits or enters our praises, and His power overwhelms the power of the enemy. He is a mighty God, and Satan cannot match His strength. Light will dispel the darkness through God’s entering into our praise.” (Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, p. 178) Through praise, the Lord Himself begins to do warfare on our behalf, to silence our enemy.

How to Praise for Seven Days

DAY 1 (AM):  Read Psalm 130; Rev. 2:10.

Praise God for removing your past and extending abundant grace and forgiveness to you.  Stand in His Presence and receive an outpouring of His grace.  Let Hope arise new and fresh.  Let assurance of redemption rest upon you, and command all fear to leave you.

DAY 1 (PM):  Read Psalms 131 – 134.

Praise God and let perfect peace manifest in you.  Stop striving and leaning on your own understanding concerning your circumstances and allow trust to arise.  Embrace the faithful love of God.  As a weaned child rests against his mother’s breast, declare that your soul is a weaned child within you.  A weaned child has come to a new place of maturity.  There is no peace until all our enemies are under our feet.  Ascend above your enemies and reach the goal of the throne room.  Sing, praise, and worship in the presence of the LORD.  Receive a new anointing, like the oil poured on Aaron’s head and flowing down the hem of his robe.

DAY 2:  Read Joshua 5 & 6.  

Praise God!  Ask the Lord for the strategy of worship that will dethrone what has seemed invincible and prevented you from moving forward in your promise.

DAY 3 (AM):  Read Psalm 34.  

Praise God for the angels that are encamping around you.

DAY 3 (PM):  Read Psalm 85. 

Praise God for restoring favor to your land.

DAY 3 (AM):  Read Psalm 34.  

Praise God for the angels that are encamping around you.

DAY 3 (PM):  Read Psalm 85. 

Praise God for restoring favor to your land.

DAY 4:  Read Philippians 4. 

Thank God for establishing your mind on Him and making you think His thoughts.  Realign your thoughts.  Declare that you will capture each thought you have that is contrary to God’s judgment.

DAY 5:  Read Acts 16:16-34

Praise God and watch your prison doors let go.  Watch salvation come to those around you who are imprisoned.

DAY 6:  Read Psalm 9. 

Be willing to declare to others how the Lord has touched and manifested Himself to you.  Break out of insecurity and into boldness.

DAY 7 (AM):  Read Isaiah 12.  Numbers 21:10-18. 

Praise breaks open your wells of salvation.  Praise is the cure for dryness.  Receive a renewed spirit!

DAY 7 (PM):  Read Jeremiah 42:7. 

“And it came to pass after ten days that the word of the Lord came unto Jeremiah.”  Declare that new revelation, strategy and plans for your future are being released from the throne room.  Praise God in advance for these manifestations.

May the God of all Peace inhabit you and make you whole. May all offenses you have accumulated through the years be removed, and may you guard yourself against any offenses in the future. 

(from Glory of Zion newsletter Wed., Aug 14, 2019, Chuck Pierce)

For the Month of Elul